I draw from a diverse canvas;

from a long standing career in fashion, to working in operations and project management for tech.

"I draw from a diverse canvas and relish the combination of creativity and practical problem solving."

I started my design journey in the world of fashion.  My ten years fully immersed in the global fashion industry in New York, Tokyo, Italy, London, and Sydney provided me with a huge depth of inspiration to draw on which continues to flow directly into my true passion - interior design.  

Following my time in fashion, I studied at The University of the Arts London (Central Saint Martins). While studying, I took a role in operations and project management for a tech company in London. This provided me with the skillset to effectively manage large scale projects within schedule and budget. With the inspiration, passion and skillset I founded an interior design studio in London in 2018, working on a range of residential and commercial projects. In 2019 I relocated my family and business back to Wellington.

Through the residential and commercial projects I’ve completed to date in Wellington, I have been privileged to make connections with quality contractors who are able to meet my incredibly high expectations and allow me to excute projects to the highest standard.  

For me, design can often be taking too seriously and I am drawn to things that are a little more playful - be that through colour, finishes or furniture. Why not have a bit of fun? I want my interiors to be a celebration of a home and a place that is designed with living and enjoyment at its core - hence House Party.   

We are constantly researching and striving in our quest to be more environmentally conscious.

We are constantly evolving to be more environmentally conscious.  As a mother of two young children, protecting their future is a priority. Design choices are carefully considered with sustainability at the forefront, specifically by:
Recommending sustainably produced materials and products
Always including NZ made options - and shopping local
Leveraging clients existing features/pieces
Upcycling, repairing and/or repurposing furniture
Recommending styling choices that are not heavily tied to current trends
Recommending quality pieces and furnishings that will stand the test of time
Ensuring all packaging is recycled where possible and going the extra mile to keep as much out of landfill as we can